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Sure to Grow Starter Cubes


Product Information

STG Grow Cubes are designed as starter cubes for seed and cutting propagation. They can be used directly into NFT trough or float systems or can be transplanted to either soil or soilless media, as well as into the STG Grow Block for larger plants. The cubes are open celled, water absorbing forms that promote rapid root formation. They are free of pathogenic organisms and require no pretreatment or further sterilization. The physical format of the STG Grow Cubes anchors the plant and provides capillary action for efficient water feeding.

Recommended for germination of seeds and for rooting cuttings.

Special Features:

  • 3/8?wide x 3/8? deep dibble hole.
  • Cross-cut ?X? for insertion of cuttings and larger seeds.
  • Suitable for ?bunch seeding? of herbs and baby greens.
  • Compatible with STG Flood and Drain Mats.

Available in a single sheet of 98 starter cubes, or a case of 30 sheets (2940 cubes).

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