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What are the ingredients in "That Stuff" pm wash? What cleansing agent is used in this product? -Pam Riley

PM Wash is a new ready to use formula of plant cleaning technology. It uses frequency imprinted water technology to target the problem before it arises. It is comprised of 99.9% water and .0001 inert ingredients. -Greners Staff

What can I do if I am about to harvest and have a mild to moderate amount of powder mildew present? -patrick baysinger

Spray the affected tomato spots with PM Wash thoroughly, especially right after harvest and put them away to dry. The PM will be gone in no time, saving your hard earned produce from being thrown out. This stuff is a life saver! -Greners Staff

When should PM Wash be used? -zuilfqar

PM Wash can be used all the way through flowering with no harm whatsoever! -Greners Staff

Please point me to any studies that show "frequency imprinted water technology" has the ability to control Powdery Mildew. -Dennis Roberts -Greners Staff

PM Wash


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PM Wash is a new revolutionary way to solve your mold and mildew problem in all stages of plant growth. PM Wash is a ready-to-use proprietary formula. It may be used throughout the grow and flower cycle up to and including the day of harvest. PM Wash is truly "The cleanest solution to your mold and mildew problem."

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