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Do I need to wear gloves or worry about skin contact or breathing filters? Would spraying it on all surfaces around the "grow area" be advisable? -Larry

You do not have to wear gloves or breathing filters as Mighty Wash is non-toxic. You could spray it on all surfaces around the grow area just to be safe, but I think that it might get expensive. -Greners Staff

Can mighty wash be mixed with other products such as rosemary oil, neem oil or floramite ect Can it be mixed with a foliar feed like magic green or other feeds. -Tim Mullen

This product should not be mixed, as it's mode of action could be greatly diminished or even eliminated by use of other liquid mixes. Instead, I would suggest developing a treatment schedule incorporating your various treatments. -Greners Staff

Just bought the 5 gallon jug didnt think of this before hand....does mighty wash have a shelf life?Thanks for your help and thanks for the great product!!! -brad

I believe the shelf life for mighty wash is 3 years, last I heard they are still currently testing there first production set on potency etc. -Greners Staff

Does Mighty Wash need to be washed off of the plant with the product Power Wash, or is it safe to harvest without rinsing? -dave

Power Wash does not need to be used with Mighty Wash due to the fact that Mighty Wash is actually just a polarized H2O product with a very small amount of wetting agent and in fact does better the longer that it is left on the plant. Power Wash is best used with sprays and insecticides that leave residual chemicals on the plant that can be harmful to the body if digested. Might Wash is not one of these and can be safely harvested and digested without rinsing. -Greners Staff

Can I use Mighty Wash by spraying it thoroughly on plants and leaving the 1000w bulb on for the rest of the light cycle. Will it burn the leaves? -gerald

Mighty wash is a great product but I would recommend spraying it on the plants 20 minutes before the lights go out, or going in during lights off with a green light (not all green lights are safe for plants at night, but these are: Spraying during the middle of lights on is never recommended. -Greners Staff

Mighty Wash


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Mighty Wash is a new revolutionary way to solve your spider mite problem in all stages of development from eggs to adults. Mighty Wash is a ready-to-use proprietary formula made up of polarized H2O and a very small amount of wetting agent. It may be used throughout the grow and flower cycle up to and including the day of harvest. Mighty Wash is truly "The cleanest solution to your spider mite problem." says:

Mighty Wash is ready to go  right out of the bottle, no need to dilute, during first signs of problems, spray all plant leaves,fruits and flowers. until completely saturated. if you find it necessary spray every three days.   You may also create a dip for the plants in order to fully eliminate your mite issue.

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