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Whats the smallest amount of Nitrozime I can use and still see benefits im also using all the fox farm products and the soulibles and pro silicate for my temp changes they very greatly sounds like Nitrozime does the same thing thru different actions/ YODA -dan

We spoke with Hydrodynamics International about this question and they asked us about too many variables for us to give you the answer. Their contact number for technical support is 517-887-2007. Their technical guys is very knowledgeable and we suggest taking advantage of asking him your question for what additional information he will also share with you. -Greners Staff



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Nitrozime? Marine Algae Extract

Note- Intended for use as a foliar spray. The special hormones used in this product do not transport well through the roots and stem of the plant.

Plants love Nitrozime?!

Nitrozime? Marine Algae Extract is a plant nutrient supplement derived exclusively from a natural form of marine algae known as Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed.

Nitrozime? Marine Algae Extract is a 100% organic product and extremely concentrated, eight times more so than common seaweed fertilizers, and contains many of the naturally produced nutrients and growth hormones that all plants require for vigorous, healthy growth.

The recorded benefits of high quality seaweed to plant growth are legendary, and Nitrozime? is no exception.

Nitrozime? is rich in organic compounds that are extremely beneficial to plants. Try some today! Your plants will thank you in ways you'll be eager to show off to your friends and family.

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