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Grower's Secret Pro


Product Information

Grower's Secret Pro is 100% organic, OMRI listed, and formulated specifically for
commercial agricultural use with issued patents in many countries. It is designed
to improve the efficiency of fertilizer absorption rates.

Grower's Secret Pro in four ounce bottles is great for homeowners with large properties,
homeowners with landscape feeding systems, and for growers with one to five acres of

Four fluid ounces of Grower's Secret Pro will treat 1 to 4 acres of crops, depending on the
type of plants grown. It will also treat up to one acre of trees. Use regularly to increase
productivity and grow stronger plants that will be better able to withstand stress from the
environment, pathogens, and pests.

Higher yields mean higher profits! Grower's Secret Pro ahs been used on Hawaiian crops for
12 years, and is proven to increase yields, from +16% on broccoli to +56% on tomatoes. It is
specifically designed to work in conjunction with both traditional and organic fertilizers.

Application Rate:

Vegetables and Flowers: Use 2-4 drops of Grower’s Secret Pro per gallon or mix 1 fl oz in
125 gallons of water/fertilizer.  Diluted Grower’s Secret Pro can be used as a foliar spray,
root drench, or seedling dip at transplant.

Trees, Woody Plants and Shrubs: Use 4-8 drops per gallon water/fertilizer or 4 fl oz in 250
gallons of water/fertilizer per acre. Apply at 3 month intervals.  Apply sufficient amount to wet
the leaves.

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