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Why are Gravity, Flower Dragon and BushMaster products out of stock? -jason

A short time ago, three of the most popular flower hardeners available were pulled from the market. As far as we can tell, Phosphoload, Flower Dragon and Gravity were all recalled due to their use of Coal Derived Humates or Paclobutrazol as plant growth regulators. Only permitted for ornamental plants, these products are presently unable to be sold as labeled. This began with a labeling dispute with the California Department of Agriculture and grew to a nationwide recall. BushMaster, which derives nearly the same chemicals from kelp, has recently been marked as not for sale in California, indicating it too may be very hard to get soon. At this time, we can drop-ship bushmaster to locations outside of CA, but can only do this as a special order item. If interested, drop us a line at and let us know the amount you want and we will let you know the shipping charges. -Greners Staff

Dear Greeners, I live in Fresno Ca where you cant purchase gravity. I was wondering if you still had gravity available for sale I'm really interested in acquiring some at this time. Thanks in advance for your response. -Aricka Gordon

Ebay is you best bet. It is no longer available for sale elsewhere. -Greners Staff



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***Discontinued Nationwide***  Top Gravity Alternatives: Rock Resinator, Crystal Burst, Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor and Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X.


Works well with any nutrient line. Just apply it once about three weeks before finish for results than can't be duplicated by any other product. Watch as flowers become denser and tighter than ever before. Gravity is unlike any other flower-finishing product on the market. Gravity fills out flower clusters and increases total flower mass without interfering with flower scent and color. Based on natural ingredients, Gravity is the brother of Bushmaster, the popular plant height controller used at the beginning of flowering. Like Bushmaster, Gravity is recommended for flowering plants and not fruiting plants like tomatoes and peppers due to fruit drop.

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