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Front Sentinel MDT-1 Master Digital Timer
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Hi, is this unit hard wired. -David

This item is 100% plug and play. Ready to go out of the box. -Greners Staff

will the semdt-1 controller run 2 120v lights at the same time -corey

The Mdt-1 is rated for 15amps. 2-1000w lamps pull upto 2200w /120v=18.3333 this exceeds the rated amp load for this device and will not operate without flipping the built in surge protector. -Greners Staff

will the semdt run 2 600watt lights at the same time?@ 120volts each and howmany outlets does this unit have -corey

Yes this device will control 2 600w ballasts. Though it can have problems operating digital ballasts that produce to much EMF interference. -Greners Staff

With the mdt it says you can control up to 12 amps/1200 watts of lighting. My questions is this, will I be safe operating one 1000 watt light or is it to close to maxing out? I hooked everything up to a kilowatt meter and I was pulling about 8.65 amps / 1045 watts with a galaxy ballast ( No problems with the galaxy ballast and this timer with regards to emf ). I know you're supposed to give yourself a buffer, so will that be safe? Thanks in advance, and very cool timer. I especially like the hot start function -joe

This timer is designed to run 1000w ballast thats why it has the extra 200w buffer. -Greners Staff

What is the best and most economical way to hookup 4 1000w quantum ballasts to lighting controls with 2 separate timing functions. I want three in the flower room on 12/12 and 1 in vegetative room. Is it possible with a sentinel HPH8. I would like do it with out spending a ton on a Powerbox and would like the protection on the veg ballast. I was hoping the HPH8 and a HID2 or MDT would work. -Chris

For this set up if you are trying to run two separate timing functions off of the same box you may have to run a dual trigger lighting controller such as the C.A.P. MLC-8DX. Either way you look at it you are going to have trouble connecting them all to the MDT-1 as it is only going to be able to run one set of lights per room. The cheapest way, without the added protection of the box would be to just buy the HPH4 and two relatively cheap timers. If you have further questions with this issue please don't hesitate to give us a call. -Greners Staff

This timer is safer than 20$ timers. Internally better built or its just more expensive because he has more option? My lumatek 1000w produce few EMF...will this can cause trouble by using this timer? -Steeve

There is no comparison. Equipped with a photo-sensor for use of day/night cycles for fans and hydroponic equipment, High Temp protection, data logging, remote temperature probe and a built in circuit breaker for maximum protection, this is in no way similar to a 24 hour timer. The Sentinel is both built better, provides more features and better control. There is no issue with using them with any magnetic or electronic ballast. -Greners Staff

Sentinel MDT-1 Master Digital Timer


Product Information

Precision repeat cycle timer with a 24-hour timeclock to control HID lighting and/or hydroponic equipment. Can control up to 15A directly.


  • Coordinates 2 main timing functions in one convenient package. It combines the function of the DRT-1 with the ability to control the photo period of HID Lighting in a 100% digital timer.
  • Connect up to 1200 watts of HID lighting directly or use with HPH-4 or HPH-8 to connect as many lights as you want to control
  • Control lighting schedules with 24-hour time clock.
  • Integrated digital recycling timer can operate daytime, night time or 24 hours a day.
  • Digital recycling ON & OFF times can be programmed in hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Press and hold to display current temperature.
  • HI-Temp shutdown feature allows the user to set a maximum temperature. In the event of overheating, the MDT-1 will shut off the lighting.
  • If overheating event happens, the unit logs the max temperature and the time it occurred.
  • Hot start prevention monitors the incoming power and will disable the HID lights in the event of a power failure. After a user selectable delay, the HID lamps are permitted to re-start.
  • Remote Probe can be located up to 4 feet from unit
  • MDT-1 also features 15 amp resettable circuit breaker.

 Can go as low as 1 second cycle.

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  • Front Sentinel MDT-1 Master Digital Timer
  • Side Sentinel MDT-1 Master Digital Timer
  • Sentinel MDT-1 Master Digital Timer With Connector
  • Box Sentinel MDT-1 Master Digital Timer