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What do the six buckets need? Will it be necessary to order the bucket lids with 10" mesh pots and the ebb & grow inner buckets? Is grow media included? -Bruce

The Monster Ebb and Grow system comes ready to use. You will need to purchase growing media for this system as it is not included. Hydroton is commonly used with these systems. -Greners Staff

Do you advise use of a little bit of silicon sealant on bucket gromets and tubing fittings on initial setup? -Bruce

You can use sealant when fitting your gromets, but we have also had great results without using sealant and just making sure the hole and the gromet are the right size for each other. -Greners Staff

After completing a flood cycle and all the buckets and monster controller are properly much solution should be left in the 55 gallon drum? Just enough to cover the pump? -Bruce

When using a 12 bucket ebb and flow system after filling the buckets with water there is usually around 20 to 25 gallons of water left in the 55 gallon reservoir. -Greners Staff

Are the module buckets supposed to drain empty on drain mode and then refill in fill mode? -PETER PARKER

Yes, however a small amount of water will remain in each of the buckets to provide buffer space in the event of pump failure. -Greners Staff

Is there an expansion kit for the C.A.P. Monster Ebb and Grow Hydro System 6 Site - Complete? -Steven

Yes, the C.A.P. Monster 3 Grow Pot Expansion Kit can be found at the link provided below! -Greners Staff

C.A.P. Monster Ebb and Grow Hydro System 6 Site - Complete


Product Information

The Ebb Monster System breaks all the rules and brings a whole new dimension in plant size. The Ebb Monster 6 Pot System comes complete with a 55 Gallon Reservoir and the Monster COntroller Module to control the fill and drain cycles. This unit efficiently and effectively transfers nutrients to your plants on whatever schedule that you set.

You can also build your own Monster system with the Monster Ebb Controller Module available separately. All the functionality you have come to trust in a much larger package, with much larger results...

  • Includes 6 Five Gallon Grow Pots.
  • 3/4" Tubing and Fittings.
  • Expandable up to 12 sites.
  • Monster Controller included.

Larger Pots = Monster Yields


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