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what are the dimensions of the inner buckets on this system? -Brian

Excellent question! The outer buckets of the system are 13.5 inches tall and are 9 inches square. The Inner buckets are 10.5 inches tall and have the same diameter of 9 inches square. -Greners Staff

how many expansion kits can you add on to 1 system. -Gizz

No more than 30 pots are recommended by the manufacture, but we have heard of people successfully doing up to 60 pots. -Greners Staff

Would you need to put air stones in the reservoir? -Steve

yes. We would recommend at least two medium size air stones and a duel outlet air pump. -Greners Staff

does the Oceanus 1 controller come with the "12 site COMPLETE system"? if not why do you give every indication it does, in the manual,video, and your own site?? -Jeremy

when you purchase the Flo-N-grow 12 site complete system it does in fact come with the controller, you can also purchase the controller separately. -Greners Staff

This is Greners recommendation over CAP Ebb and Grow? What are the guarantees that this setup will not have the same problems, and what is the warranty going to cover? -Kyle

this product was originally the CAP ebb and Grow.. system taken down and revamped by sunlight supply, using titan controls controller, the water ports per pot made larger for better solution flow plus the timing and sensors are made out of better products as well, the previous issues with caps ebb and grow system was that the controller would fail and flood a room and not kick on the drain pump cycle, as far as the warranty on the titan controller i believe its a standard 3 yr warranty -Greners Staff

Will the Titan Controls Flo-N-Gro System fit within the Secret Jardin DR150 (5'x5') Grow Tent? -Chico

TheTitan Controls Flo-N-Gro System will fit perfectly within the Secret Jardin DR150 Grow Tent! -Greners Staff

What exactly is the feeding schedule for this system? -keith

You are able to set the feeding schedule as you wish depending on what medium is going to be used! Here is the exact instruction manual for the Titan Controls Flo-N-Gro System: -Greners Staff

I have the DR90 II grow tent and was wondering if you had heard of anyone using nine of the Titan Controls Flo-N-Gro System pots in a 3 x 3 grow tent? -Sam

It will definitely work in that sized grow space but you may need to adjust the tubing length so no leaking occurs! -Greners Staff

What pumps are included in the Flo-N-Gro complete system? -Ninja

Included in the Titan Controls Flo-N-Gro System are two extremely dependable Maxi-Jet 1000 Water Pumps! -Greners Staff

Instead of air stones would the oxygen air diffuser be better. Also would u use a circulation pump with it? -Joe

Hey Joe, the air stones should be plenty. I wouldn't use a circulation pump. Here is why....A circulation pump might increase the water to a high temp depleting the O2 level of the nutrients. 68* (F) is a nominal temp for recirculating gardens. Cheers, -Greners Staff

Titan Controls Flo-N-Gro System


Product Information

The 12 site Flo-N-Gro system with the Oceanus 1 controller is designed to be simple to use. The system allows the grower to have the flexibiltiy of an ebb and flow garden with minimum maitenance of their hydroponic system. The Flo-N-Gro is an expandable multi-site hydroponic system that incorporates a flood and drain growing method. When the Oceanus 1 controller is activated, oxygen rich nutrient water enters the GRO sites and soaks the root zone by flowing through the 360 degree (four sided) mesh inserts. The water is then returned to the main reservoir, waiting for the next watering cycle. Titan Controls brings you innovative products that make gardening fun! 

  • 55 Gallon reservoir
  • 12 - Four (4) gallon GRO sites
  • 12 - Three (3) gallon 360 degree mesh aeration inserts
  • 1 - Oceanus 1 Flo-N-Gro controller (Item #: 702780)
  • 2 - Maxi Jet pumps
  • All 3/4" tubing and tee fittings to set up your GRO system
  • Can be expanded up to 24 sites (Item #: 702785)
  • Easy to set-up & fun to use!
  • 125 liters of grow media (optional) will properly fill the systems's 12 grow sites.
  • 10 Amps/120 Volts/60 Hz.
  • 3 year warranty


Flo-N-Gro Expansion Kit

Flo-N-Gro 6 site expansion kit allows the grower to extend their Flo-N-Gro garden with ease. The expansion kit comes complete with six GRO sites and all the 3/4" tubing & tee fittings to set it up. All you need to add is plants!

Oceanus 1 Flo-N-Gro Controller

The Oceanus 1® - Flo-N-Gro controller features fully digital technology for your hydroponic grow system. There are 5 water output ports for multiple configurations of your garden. The heavy duty timer allows the grower to set various watering schedules based on their plants nutrient needs. The Oceanus 1® features resettable circuit breaker protection for the controller and is housed in a dust and moisture proof chassis. Another innovative product brought to you by Titan Controls!

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