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If you were going to use these in a 5 gallion DWC (Deep Water Culture) ,which size would you use? Thanks! -George M.Reed

First I would like to say that the Micro-Pore series will be an excellent choice for your DWC system or any system for that matter. They last longer, are stronger and overall one of the best air stones on the market. For each five gallon bucket in your DWC system a single Micro-Pore Single will be sufficient. -Greners Staff

ok will a double one be overkill in a 5 gallion bucket,i hear that more bubbles better growth, thanks -George M.Reed

A single Micro-Pore Air Diffuser is suitable for reservoirs up to 25 gallons, so a double will indeed be overkill for a 5 gallon bucket. You need an appropriate amount of bubbles for your plants, but there can be such a thing as too many bubbles. Don't give your plants more than they need. -Greners Staff

What size hose do I need to hook up a single Micro-Pore Air Diffuser? -Phil

You would hook up a 3/16" tubing for this diffuser. Here is the link to that product: -Greners Staff

Hi, Would you be willing to ship to Australia at all? I really want a pair of these air diffusers and cannot source them in Australia. Postage is not an issue!! Many thanks Steve -Steve

We are happy to serve any and all International Customers. Shipping is based on Weight, Size and Postal Code. Please provide this info and so we can generate an accurate quote for you. -Greners Staff

What are the dimensions of the Micro-Pore diffusers and what size fitting do they have on them? -mike w

Micro-Pore Single - 5.25 inch single air stone Micro-Pore Double - Two 5.25 inch air stones with red tee manifold Micro-Pore Single XL - One 10 inch single air stone Micro-Pore Double XL - Two 10 inch air stones Micro-Pore Hog 1 - 6 inch fat air stone Micro-Pore Boss Hog 2 - 6 inch fat air stone with red tee manifold These all have standard air fittings which fit 3/16id tubing, found here: -Greners Staff

How do I make a drip system? -george

The most common type uses a basic water pump attached to a trunk line (just some plastic tubing), then off of the main line you attached smaller tubing with drippers on the end going to your plants. You can then run the pump on a timer to water a few times a day. -Greners Staff

What size pump do I need to run a Micropore single? how many GPH? -Allen

Any air pump will run a single micropore, and GPM / LPM are not as important as PSI until you are running multiple stones. However,If you are using the pump in a very deep water system (9+ inches) you will want a pump with a higher PSI rating to assure proper aeration. This can be achieved in smaller commercial pumps by getting a multi-outlet pump and connecting both outlets to one line using 1/4" barbed tees. -Greners Staff

Hi, I plan on using a Botanicare 20 gallon reservoir. What size micro-pore diffuser do you recommend? Reservoir dimensions: 26.0"L x 20.0"W x 11.5"H -Chris

the single or double diffuser would be sufficient for this res. -Greners Staff

I want to use 3 Single Micro-Pores in my system (one in each 5 gallon bucket). Which air pump would you recommend that would be able to power all 3 Micro-Pores simultaneously? -Craig

The Air Pump Dual Diaphragm would work great for that setup! -Greners Staff

What air pump do you recommend to run x16 Micro-Pore Singles within a deep water culture setup? -Eric

I would recommend the EcoPlus Commercial Air 7 as it is our most powerful air pump currently available and is equipped with 16 air outlets! -Greners Staff

Micro-Pore Air Diffusers


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This custom fired air diffuser creates incredibly small bubbles, which significantly increase oxygen ratios per surface area. Micro-Pore diffusers will not break down or clog like other cheaper air stones. Simply the best air stone available on the market today!

Kiln fired ceramic material will not react with nutrients solutions.

Micro-Pore design produces smaller more prolific bubbles.

Extends the life of nutrient solutions for all types of hydroponics

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