Hydroponic Supplies

Soil Media

  1. 1
    CYCO Coco Pearl 50L

    The CYCO Coco Pearl is a natural blend of coco peat and perlite for high aeration and water absorption.

  2. 2
    Roots Organics B2 Professional Growing Mix 2 cu ft

    Roots Organics B2 Professional Grade Container Media has a perfect balance between water holding capacity and drainage, resulting in more vigorous plants.

  3. 3
    Roots Organics Emerald Mountain Mix

    Roots Organics Emerald Mountain Potting Mix is a high quality media with increased water holding capacity.

  1. 4
    Alex says: Get the Mega Bale.
    PRO-MIX Mega Bale

    PRO-MIX MEGA BALE 80 cu/ft. Shipping prices vary by state contact 707-433-2333 for the best shipping rate.

  2. 5
    Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 - Compressed

    Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 is meticulously formulated to meet the needs of professionals, yet easy to use for beginners.

  3. 6
    Sunshine Advanced Mix # 4 Loose 2 cu ft

    Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 is made with Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, coarse perlite, coconut coir pith (coir), and organic starter nutrient charge that contains gypsum, dolomitic limestone

  1. 7
    Sunshine Mix # 4 w/ Mycorrhizae 3.0 cu ft

    Sunshine Mix #4 with Mycorrhizae is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor gardening. This high drainage mix is known for its consistent performance.

  2. 8
    Sunshine Mix # 4 Aggregate Plus Bale 3.8 cu ft

    consistent results in every bag and bale. Mix #4 is recommended where high air capacity and fast drainage are needed with water and salt sensitive crops,

  3. 9
    PRO-MIX HP-CC Mycorrhizae

    Lightweight, high-porosity peat-based growing medium that contains chunk coir. It ensures optimum growth, especially when high air capacity and extra drainage are required. It is ideal for water-sensitive crops, rooting cuttings and/or low-light growing conditions.

  1. 10
    PRO-MIX BX Biofungicide + Mycorrhizae

    general purpose peat-based professional growing medium suitable for a wide variety of horticultural plants and transplanting applications.

  2. 11
    PRO-MIX HP Biofungicide + Mycorrhizae

    High porosity peat-based growing medium, ideal for water sensitive crops, rooting cutting and/or low-light growing conditions.

  3. 12
    PRO-MIX BX Mycorrhizae

    General purpose peat-based growing medium containing, a beneficial mycorrhizal inoculum (Glomus intraradices). These microscopic fungi attach to and colonize the root systems working in symbiosis with plants.

  1. 13
    PRO-MIX HP Mycorrhizae

    This formula ensures optimum growth, especially when high air capacity and extra drainage are required

  2. 14
    PRO-MIX BX Biofungicide

    General purpose peat-based growing medium compatible with a wide variety of ornamental plant species, fruit crops and most vegetable transplants that has been enriched with a biofungicide.

  3. 15
    VermiSoil Premium Potting Soil 1.5 cu ft

    Vermicrop Organics Premium Potting Soil is a rich blend of professional grade organic materials.

  1. 16
    VermiFire Premium Soil

    VermiFire performs above and beyond the call of duty, it is a potting soil that over achieves at every opportunity.

  2. 17
    VermiBlend Soil Amendment 1 cu ft

    Vermicrop Organics VermiBlend Premium Soil Amendment was created for the organic gardener.

  3. 18
    VermiWorm .75 cu ft

    With the correct food sources and the removal of competing pathogens, the earthworms can digest and excrete higher levels of beneficial biology to create the premium castings of VermiWorm.

  1. 19
    Vermicrop CocoNot Coir Alternative 2 cu ft

    Natural and organic substitute for Coconut coir, peat moss and other soilless mediums and conditioners.

  2. 20
    Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Soil 1.5 cu ft

    Premium choice for all-purpose gardening applications.

  3. 21
    Black Gold Waterhold Cocoblend Soil 2 cu ft

    combination of coconut fibers (coir) and Canadian sphagnum peat moss gives your outdoor container plants the advantage of water retention

  1. 22
    Black Gold Just Coir Loose 2 cu ft

    OMRI listed low salt organic material is just what the name implies, "Just Coir", actually coconut coir pith.

  2. 23
    Roots Organics Formula 707 - 3 cubic feet

    Roots Organics Formula 707 - 3 cubic feet

  3. 24
    Roots Organics Soil - 1.5 Cubic Feet

    Roots Organics Soil, 1.5 Cubic Feet, is a truly exceptional ready to use coco fiber based potting soil and is amended with the highest quality nutrients from land and sea. You can grow right in the bag!

  1. 25
    Sunshine Organic Planting Mix

    Organic Mix available in 1.5 cubic feet and 2.5 cubic feet bags

  2. 26
    Sunshine Professional Growing Mix 2.5

    Professional Growing Mix available in 1.5 cubic feet and 2.5 cubic feet bags

  3. 27
    Sunshine Advanced Rain Forest Loose 2 cu ft

    SS Advanced Rainforest Blend contains coconut fiber for nutrient and water retention.

  1. 28
    Sunshine Advanced Super Hydro - 2 Cu. Ft.

    Both peat moss and compost hold and release water and nutrients for optimal plant growth.

  2. 29
    FoxFarm Planting Mix 1 cu ft

    A concentrated mix of organic and mineral components based around earthworm castings and bat guano.

  3. 30
    Light Warrior Grow Medium 1 cu ft

    Light Warrior High Yield is specially designed to enhance root development and encourage greater nutrient uptake by the plants.

  1. 31
    FoxFarm Happy Frog Soil 2 cu ft

    Happy Frog Soil is alive with beneficial microbes and fungi that help break down organic matter and feed the plant roots.

  2. 32
    Ocean Forest Organic Potting Mix - 1.5 Cu. Ft.

    A powerful blend of Northwest sea-going fish, crab and shrimp meal, and earthworm castings create an ideal indoor/outdoor, container and greenhouse soil.

  3. 33
    FoxFarm Happy Frog Soil Conditioner 3 cu ft

    Happy Frog Soil Conditioner features finely screened, pH-balanced forest humus, earthworm castings and bat guano, not to mention beneficial microbes that stimulate root development and help plants access nutrients in the soil.

  1. 34
    Royal Gold Tupur

    Royal Gold Tupur was developed with one idea in mind-Feeding the plant as much and as often as possible!

  2. 35
    Royal Gold Basement Mix 1.5 cu ft

    Light charged with organic nutrients and the proper ratios of air to moisture.

  3. 36
    Royal Gold Mendo Mix 1.5 cu ft

    In their laboratory and in perfomance tests, Royal Gold states the Mendo Mix out preformed all its competitors, for transition, growth, and quality of fruit.

  1. 37
    Royal Gold Coco Mix 1.5 cu ft

    Our loose coco fiber is designed for hydroponic use; but also works well with pots and beds and all other growing techniques.

  2. 38
    Roots Organics Original Potting Soil (.75 and 1.5 Cu Ft.)

    A truly exceptional ready-to-use coco fiber-based potting soil. We begin with the highest quality coco fiber/Coir which is repeatedly washed for low EC, and composted.

  3. 39
    Roots Organics Soilless Coco Mix 1.5 cu ft

    A unique formulation of the highest quality coco fiber/Coir on the planet which is repeatedly washed for an incredibly low EC.

  1. 40
    Roots Organics Green Lite Soil 1.5 cu ft

    Created as an aggressive free draining indoor and outdoor potting mix.

  2. 41
    Roots Organics GreenFields Soil 1.5 cu ft

    Roots Organics Green Fields potting soil was created as a super premium planting mix.

  3. 42
    General Organics Ancient Forest .5 cu ft

    A natural product consisting of 100% pure forest humus.

  1. 43
    Vital Earth's Mega Worm

    Vital Earth's Mega Worm castings use only African night crawlers, raised in organic bedding with no toxic materials.

  2. 44
    Vital Earth's Manna Mix

    creates the perfect water-to-air ratio for this ideal container planting

  3. 45
    Vital Earth's Coco Lite 2.0 cu ft

    Clean shredded coco pith is a 100% natural growing medium that is naturally dried in the sun.

  1. 46
    Vital Earth's O.G. Potting Soil 1cu ft

    the perfect medium for growing all your fruits and vegetables.

  2. 47
    Vital Earth's Coco Coir Loose 1.5 CUFT

    Vital Earth's Coco Coir Loose is a natural fiber made from coconut husks and is a renewable resource alternative to peat moss. The extraction of the coconut fiber from the husks gives the by-product called coco pith, or coco coir.