Hydroponic Supplies

4' x 8'

  1. 1
    Secret Jardin Intense I120

    Top of the range product designed for professionals. Comprising of 6 superior quality models with dimensions and sizes unique on the market. Secret Jardin?s Intense grow tents are true portable grow rooms. These incredible creations eliminate the hassle of finding a growing space that possesses both an ideal environment and plenty of room for a lot of plants. Size assembled: 4' x 8' x 7'.

  2. 2
    GrowLab GL145L Portable Grow Room

    The next level in self contained portable growing enclosures. Thicker fabric, stronger stitching and heavy duty zippers, these GrowLabs are built to last. - At over 45 square feet of growing space, the GL145L is one of the larger grow tents available. It's rectangular shape allows it to fit in a narrower space, or side by side with additional grow tents.

  3. 3
    Hydrohut Silver Edition - 4' x 8'

    The Silver Edition Series comprises the next line of tents from HydroHut. 4' x 8' (55" x 110" x 84") 87 lbs. All steel construction.

  1. 4
    Sun Hut XXL Silver 4x8 Enclosed Greenhouse

    No toxicity issues for your plants. Thick black canvas exterior. Highly reflective silver interior. Heavy-duty zippers. Great price. 4'9" x 9'4" x 7'

  2. 5
    Secret Jardin DR240W Grow Tent

    The most advanced grow tent available. Utilizes reflective, waterproof, insulative film. This film is non-toxic and won?t release any harmful gasses. Features adjustable dual-sock ports for attaching equipment or ducting while maintaining a light-tight environment. DR240W dimensions - Actual: 3'11.25" x 7'x10.5" x 6'6.75"

  3. 6
    4' x 8' Oasis Grow Tent

    Made of highly reflective, light-tight material, these tents feature extra large zippered vents, making these the only TRUE light-proof tents.

  1. 7
    Gro-Rite Indoor Grow Tent

    The Gro-Rite tents come in several different sizes. They include heavy duty light proof zippers, observation windows, high reflective, diamond pattern Mylar interior