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i have a dr 150 with a 4 inch sunleave inline fan for intake what size of inline fan should i use for the exaust want to put a carbon fiber filter on it to thanks for your time -j

for your exhaust your best option is to either use another inline 4 or an inline 6, if you have heating issue I would suggest a 6' inline fan -Greners Staff

Secret Jardin DR150 Grow Tent


Product Information


Make way for innovation and technology with the Secret Jardin indoor growing chambers. The Secret Jardin DarkRoom DR150 is light-proof, waterproof and pre-equipped for lighting, extraction, and ventilation. Made with a solid frame and treated against rust, the DarkRoom is specially lined with a 95% reflective hammered effect Mylar cloth which increases light intensity and improves light distribution. Secret Jardin’s growing chambers form an ideal growing area.

Model DR150 Specs

  • Dimensions: 59" x 59" x 78.75"
  • Cord access: (2) Two cord ports
  • Fan mounting: (5) One fan port for extration, two fan ports for intake, two fan ports hood venting / ducting
  • Free Flow Ventilation: (3) Three ventilation windows
  • Recommended lighting: 1 x 600 watt or 1000 watt HPS or MH system, or LED grow light

Growing all types of plants indoors, even ones that require specific conditions is a reality that is making waves in the world of indoor gardening. From beginners to more experienced gardeners, Secret Jardin meets everyone’s requirements.

  • Quality: Developed and manufactured at our factory. Product quality assured.
  • Lightproof: Totally light proof when closed.
  • Diamond Technology: The reflective layer greatly increases light intensity.
  • 66lbs Accessories: The equipment support tubes can hold up to 66lbs.
  • Easy Assembly: Easy and quick to assemble, even for large sizes. Can be assembled by one person in a few minutes.
  • No Odor, Washable: The material is washable inside and outside, so all odors can be removed.
  • Portable, Light Weight: The material is light and compact, even for large sizes. Can be carried and stores easily.
  • Full Range: A product line available in different sizes to suit everyone’s needs, from hobby gardeners to professions.

Secret Jardin was founded in 2006 as a company specializing in the field of climate-controlled horticulture. They were the first company to incorporate hammered effect Mylar into their tents (with the Mylar serving as a barrier to toxins generated by PVC, with a reflectivity value of over 95%). Secret Jardin combines research, innovation and manufacturing quality to bring you total satisfaction with all their models. The ambition at Secret Jardin is to bring you the best grow tent. Patented Technology: The Secret Jardin tent designs are developed by their own research and development department. All their innovations are patented by their factory in Schenzen. Quality Control: Secret Jardin places great importance on the quality of its products. Each container undergoes a quality check upon leaving the factory and a second check is made when it arrives at their logistics centre in Belgium.

Without Phthalates: Secret Jardin products have a 95% reflective hammered effect Mylar layer which acts as a barrier against toxins (phthalates). Some products use thick layers of PVC as a reflective layer. These can spread toxins in the tent. For Secret Jardin products they use a very thin layer of PVC to bond the Mylar to the fabric. They use a high-temperature fabric manufacturing process which removes the toxins. Their products are qualified and their raw materials are routinely tested in accredited laboratories (EPA8061 standard) to guarantee there are no phthalates or other toxins that may be harmful to plants.

All Dark Room models ship with complete, full color, illustrated instructions and a heavy duty carrying bag. Staff Review

The Secret Jardin is the most light tight grow tent out of the box. We like the pre-threaded zippers, easy to use doors, and double sock vents.

One thing to know about all grow tents across all brands is they are not 100% light tight out of the box. We mention this right off the bat because that is a make or break issue for some people. Outside of not being 100% light tight, people are rarely every disappointed with their purchase of a grow tent. They are fun to set up, use, and they are practical and effective. So we are removing the light surprise right now. All grow tent brands and models can be made fully light tight with basic modding (some plastic and tape here and there). Of all the grow tent brands the DarkRoom is the most light tight out of the box. It is very dark inside when zipped up, standing inside a closed DarkRoom you cannot see any form of your body.

The DarkRoom is our favorite grow tent. We like the dual sock ports that add extra light tightness and securing power. The doors on the Secret Jardin have on pre-threaded zipper (you don't have to feed the end in) that quickly opens and closes the entire front. All models that require additional access to the side and back include side access panels. As said above the DarkRoom is the darkest of the grow tents. The zippers are no covered by a flap like the other brands, instead they are backstitches with a small fabric lining on each side of the zipper that sits tight when the zipper closes so you don't have to worry about flaps sitting tight. Also the zipper teeth are dark black plastic and fit snugly together so less light needs to be stopped by the backing. The DarkRoom has plenty of ports (all the tents do though minus the Homebox). The cross bars of the DarkRoom are two fitting pieces vs one piece on the other brands. There was not an obvious loss in strength but it seemed weird. Overall we are very happy with the Secret Jardin grow tents.

You can learn more about our in depth review of the Secret Jardin in our Expert Advice Grow Tent Review that puts four contending 4'x4' model grow tents against each other.

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