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I had asked before what flood tables would fit into a hydrohut 3x3 tent. You guys said a botanicare 3x3 would fit nicely but the tent is 40x40inches and so is the table. Are you sure it will fit. I am trying to make my final decisions please help! Are there any other 3x3 tables that will fit? -phillip

Unfortunately, the 3x3 designation on flood tables normally indicates their usable space, not their total size, so most 3x3 tables are too large for a hydrohut 3x3. You may wish to consider a 2x2 table to give you a bit of room to maneuver with. -Greners Staff

What are the vent sizes for the Hydrohut Silver Edition - 3' x 3'? I want to make sure I buy the correct size lights and fans. -Mike

The vent ports on every Hydrohut Silver edition can accommodate ducting from 4" to 9". -Greners Staff

Hydrohut Silver Edition - 3' x 3'


Product Information

The Silver Edition Series comprises the next line of tents from HydroHut. The Silver Edition 3' x 3' easily surpasses its rivals through noticeable, intelligent, differences ? better flaps around the door and the windows using Velcro to insure it is light-tight, steel poles and corners for real strength, higher quality outer material that won?t rip, more sewing and material in crucial areas to help protect stress points, and more air vents to do as you wish.

HydroHut capitalized on its experience to make the best product on the market. The Silver Edition series of tents will be and easy choice over the competition. Completely control your plants atmosphere and light indoors.

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  • Better flaps around the door and windows, extra wide to keep light in
  • Velcro insures that they are light-tight 
  • Steel poles and corners for added strength
  • Adjustable steel ceiling poles
  • No plastic or aluminum, all steel
  • High quality outer material that won?t rip
  • More sewing and material in crucial areas
  • More air vents
  • Black 600 Denier Canvas exterior
  • Silver 100% light proof radiant blocking interior

The Silver Edition HydroHuts can be used to grow, bloom, clone or as a plant infirmary or nursery. The choices are all yours giving you complete control over your greenhouse and its environment. The HydroHuts can be outfitted with T-5 fluorescent fixtures, compact fluorescents, or high intensity discharge lights. We have outfitted our Huts with more ventable ducts than any brand currently on the market. Our frame is steel, our corners are steel. There will be no problem hanging whatever you need from inside our new ceiling structure, again, all steel.

Using intake and exhaust blowers, temperature and humidity are easily regulated. CO2 can be added and fans controlled by using third party atmospheric controls mounted to our Controller Mounting Board which will hang in any brand tent. You can air cool the Hut, your light(s) separately and still have useable venting ducts to use as you wish


  • 3' x 3' (40" x 40" x 78") 41 lbs
  • Exterior material: SuperThick Canvas/Black
  • Interior material: Dimpled Metallic Silver
  • Suggested Light Wattage 400W, 600W or LED
  • Air must be cooled: Yes
  • Hanging straps for filter/fan: Yes
  • Waterproof removable floor: Yes
  • Max ceiling frame capacity: 120lbs
  • Number of passive vents: 3
  • Number of side work windows: 2
  • Number of electrical ports: 4
  • Number of ducting ports: 7 Staff Review

The Hydrohut includes all the features you would want from a grow tent.

One thing to know about all grow tents across all brands is they are not 100% light tight out of the box. We mention this right off the bat because that is a make or break issue for some people. Outside of not being 100% light tight, people are rarely every disappointed with their purchase of a grow tent. They are fun to set up, use, and they are practical and effective. So we are removing the light surprise right now. All grow tent brands and models can be made fully light tight with basic modding (some plastic and tape here and there). Think of it as a money savings and the feature of being able to easily customize the tent to your garden needs.

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