Hydroponic Supplies


Yo-Yos & Light Hangers
Ratchet hangers, draw string hangers, yo-yos, hanging hooks and more.
  Light Timers: 24 Hour
Single and dual outlet 24 hour on/off timers, mechanical and digital.
  Light Controllers
4, 6, 8, 16, and 24 light light controllers. Turn multiple lights on and off at once.

Hood Plug Adaptors
Adapt from brand "S" ballasts and hoods to Hydrofarm style ballasts and hoods, and the other way.
  Reflective Covering
Reflective mylar and black and white poly. Available in several thicknesses and lengths.
  Trackers / Rails
Light rail brand light trackers and accessories.

Power Cords
240V ballast power cords. 120V power cords, power cord extensions and more.
  Lamp Cords
Lamp cords, sockets, adaptors, parts, and extensions.
Light Stands
Multiple brands of light stands.