Hydroponic Supplies

Plasma Grow Lights

Plasma grow lights are induction grow lights based on sulfur or metal halides. Click here to view our Fluorescent Induction Grow Lights.

  1. 1
    D Papillon 315W Full Spectrum Lighting System

    Full spectrum lighting system that is 315W, the answer to full spectrum plasma lighting. Green power and daylight bulbs

  2. 2
    plasmaGROW GEN2 Plasma Grow Light

    Plasma lighting has the fullest spectrum by far of any current lighting technology available. In fact, it emits the closest spectrum to the sun of any lighting. It is also the most energy efficient, giving you 140 lumens per watt. That is twice as efficient as LED technology!

  3. 3
    Gavita Pro 300 LEP Full Spectrum Plasma Light

    Conserve the most energy possible while showering your agricultural produce with the markets current most powerful, broad spectrum, minimal heat, light source on the market while only pulling 300 watts!

  1. 4
    Gavita Pro 300 LEP Air-Cooled

    The Gavita Pro LEP AC is a state of the art solid state horticultural light.

  2. 5
    Solar Genesis I Chameleon Plasma Grow Light

    ***No Longer Available***

  3. 6
    Solar Genesis II Chameleon Plasma Grow Light

    ***Currently Not Available***

  1. 7
    Solar Genesis VI Chameleon Plasma Grow Light