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what does warranty cover -katie

The warranty covers any bulb failures before the 50,000 + hour life cycle. -Greners Staff

What would be the best system to grow tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers thru the winter in my backroom -Barb

Tomatoes and peppers when grown upright require a high amount of penetration that is unavailable from lower power LED lights. The glow panel pro will support them, but the 45 may have issues. The Glow Panel 45 can be augmented with vertically hung t-5 florescents to assure top performance with taller plants. With cucumbers melons and squash, however spread is important and the 45 should have no problem giving all the coverage you need. -Greners Staff

What are the dimensions of the GlowPanel 45 LED Grow Light? -fred

The dimensions of the GlowPanel 45 LED Grow Light are 12.25" x 12.25" x 2.25". -Greners Staff

GlowPanel 45 LED Grow Light


Product Information

The GlowPanel 45® is arguably the best value in the grow light market today. Showering your plants with the perfect blend of light needed for fast, vigorous growth, the latest version of the GlowPanel 45® is updated with features designed for unsurpassed growing power and flexibility. The GlowPanel 45® runs cool to the touch and will save up to 80% in energy costs over metal halide and HPS grow lights. 

The GlowPanel 45 will grow your seedlings, clones and vegetation with astonishing speed. Roots will be thick and vegetation will be lush and green. But it doesn't stop there. You can also grow tomatoes, peppers, medicinal herbs, fruits, flowers and so much more - to harvest. 

Providing more than four times the output of the original GlowPanel®, the GlowPanel 45® uses just 28 watts of power and surpasses the output of a 250 Watt HPS - easily providing five square feet of coverage for your garden.

Simple to use. The GlowPanel 45® is a plug and play grow light - it works right out of the box. No additional ballasts or reflectors are needed and the GlowPanel 45 comes complete with its own hanging kit. The hanging kit allows for virtually infinite adjustments. Hang your GlowPanel 45 horizontally, vertically or anywhere in between.

Flexible and Scalable. With our new patent pending, Pass-Thru Power™, GlowPanel 45s can now be linked up to 28 units at a time. This means you can control up to 28 GlowPanel 45s with one timer and use just one outlet. No more extension cords and power strips for multiple units. And the newly added integrated on/off switch allows you to conveniently turn each GlowPanel 45® on and off independent of other linked GlowPanel 45s. Don't need to chain your GlowPanel 45s together? That's ok. You can use the spare outlet on the GlowPanel 45® to power another AC device. (A small fan for example). (note: previous versions of the GlowPanel 45 can link with the new version but it will be the last unit in the chain since earlier versions do not feature Pass-Thru Power)

The GlowPanel 45 is fast becoming the grow light of choice for the budget conscious grower starting an indoor garden or the grower wanting to transition away from metal halide and HPS lamps without sacrificing performance for price. Don't settle for cheap imitations, this is the original GlowPanel 45 that will have your plants rocking!


  • Up to 80% energy savings vs. Metal Halide & HPS grow lights
  • Fast growth
  • Virtually no heat emitted
  • Up to 28 GlowPanels can be linked together
  • Suitable for all stages of growth
  • Can be used with hydroponics, aeroponics, or soil (potted plants)
  • 50,000+ hour lifecycle
  • Zero maintenance costs - No bulbs to replace
  • Green Product - CONTAINS NO MERCURY - Environmentally friendly
  • Hanging kit included

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