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Sunshine Systems LED Grow Lights

Grow Series LED grow lights provide your plants with the perfect blend of light suitable for all stages of growth and are used worldwide by growers ranging from the home enthusiast to the large commercial greenhouse. Up to 80% energy savings vs. metal halide & HPS grow lights. Fast growth - large yields. Discreet - virtually no heat emitted. Seed to flower to fruit (see results external link). 50,000+ hour lifecycle. Zero maintenance costs - no bulbs to replace - ever. Green product - environmentally friendly.
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    GrowPanel Pro 600 LED Grow Light

    The GrowPanel Pro is among the most powerful LED grow lights available today. Designed to replace a 600W HPS or MH grow light, this light is suitable for large indoor gardens or greenhouses and provides coverage of up to 50 square feet as a primary plant light or up to 100 square feet as a supplemental light.

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    GrowPanel Pro 300 LED Grow Light

    The commercial grade GrowPanel Pro 300 watt LED grow light rivals the performance of 600 watt MH & HPS grow lamps. Featuring massive, multi-watt LEDs and broad spectrum coverage, plants grown under the GrowPanel Pro produce lush leaves with big buds, fruits and flowers.

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    GrowUFO LED Grow Light

    90w LED grow light -The GrowUFO LED grow light uses only 90 watts of power yet exceeds the output of a 400 watt Metal Halide & HPS lamp. 90 watts / 100-260v AC (universal power supply).

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    GlowPanel 45 LED Grow Light

    28W LED grow light. More than 4x more powerful than the original GlowPanel, the GlowPanel 45 LED grow light consumes a mere 28 watts of power yet it rivals the output of a 250 watt HPS.

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    GrowSpot - Blue Vigorous Veg

    12w LED growlight - The energy squeezing GrowSpot showers your plants with the perfect blend of light needed for fast, vigorous growth. GrowSpot can be used as a primary or supplemental plant light.

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    GlowPanel LED Grow Light

    14w LED growlight consumes up to 80% less energy than HPS & Metal Halide grow lights and emits virtually no heat.