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I wanted to pre-order your Kessil LED Grow Light 350, Magenta, which is being released on 5/5. I was wondering when you bill the creditcard for preorders (e.g. upon customer's order, upon product shipping to customer, etc). -Andrew Denis

We will not charge you until we are ready to ship. -Greners Staff

Good Day!, I am looking for a direct,correct answer. I wish to purchase 1 of the 350 LED Grow Lamps. Which one would be best for a a continous grow veg to flower grow? I can ony get one,now, but please tell me the benifits of both lights to the "grower' steve -Steven

The magenta has more red, which is better for flowering. While the deep purple has more blue, which is better vegetative growth. If you care more about your fruits and flowers being big beautiful use the magenta. If you care more about your leave being large dark green and healthy use the deep purple. -Greners Staff

Please advise how to power a stand alone single fixture (there is no power cord) and if you can ship this LED to Puerto Rico. Thank you. -Ad

The Kessil 350 ships with a cord that plugs right into the wall or a timer. And yes, we ship world wide! -Greners Staff

Can I fit three Kessil LED Grow Light H350 - Magenta in the Secret Jardin DR120W Grow Tent? -jmes

You can fit up to 4x Kessil LED Grow Light H350 - Magenta in the Secret Jardin DR120W! -Greners Staff

Kessil LED Grow Light H350 - Magenta


Product Information

A Different Breed of LED-Join the Spectral Revolution!

Kessil makes innovative high intensity LED grow lights designed specifically for indoor growing experts. With the well established H150 product family and the newly added H350 line, Kessil offers high performance, energy-saving, and long-lasting light fixtures made to meet today's demanding indoor gardening environments. The latest advancement from Kessil, H350 features patented Dense Matrix LEDTM technology and produces nearly two and a half times the amount of light as H150.

Compact and extremely modular, Kessil products provide growers the flexibility to arrange lights according to different growing environments. Whether as a standalone source or as supplemental lights, Kessil's grow lights are fit for a variety of applications.


• Two color spectrums to choose from, deep purple and magenta
• Draws less than 100 W

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