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Inda-Gro Induction lamps are a type of High Output Fluorescent lamp that are known as Electrode less Fluorescent Discharge Lamps or EFDL for short. Unlike conventional lamps which require screw in sockets or pins to power up the lamps, the EFDL induction lamp does not rely on a socket or pin connection to power the lamp. Instead EFDL efficiencies derive from being powered by a high frequency electromagnetic field. Without the use of pins, sockets or ballasts to operate the lamp, more energy is converted into usable plant light and not wasted due to the high temperatures and escaping gas inefficiencies that is inherent of lamps requiring electrodes. also for green house growers you will want to check out this video, it's what you have always hoped for and could never get till now.

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    Pro-420-Pontoon Combo Pack

    Beginning with the proven efficiencies of low wattage and high output EFDL technology, Inda-Gro lamps combine a blend of rare earth phosphors to supply the proper spectrums of our plants overall lighting needs.