Hydroponic Supplies

Parabolic Reflectors

Use parabolic reflectors for maximum light coverage and diffusion. These reflectors snap together so they don't arrive in a huge box.

  1. 1
    Sun System Vertizontal Reflector

    Vertizontal reflector. Adjusts to horizontal or vertical mounting position. Socket assembly sold separate.

  2. 2
    Xtrasun 42" Parabolic Vertizontal Reflector

    Adjustable to Horizontal or Vertical configuration. Parabolic reflector delivers all the light down to the plants. Lightweight and easy to assemble with built-in socket and 15' cord set. Size: 42" diameter by 16" tall.

  3. 3
    Sun System 48" Vertical Parabolic Reflector

    Vertical reflector. Brushed aluminum on the backside and white on the inside (where lamp is located). All reflectors include assembly hardware. Does not include mogul. Does not include socket assembly.

  1. 4
    Pro Reflector Pack of 10

    Pro Reflector, 10 Pack

  2. 5
    Replacement Vertizontal Socket Bracket

    Replacement bracket that holds socket assembly in place.