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What are the dimensions of the blockbuster? -keith

The dimensions are 25.5" width and length x 9.5" tall. -Greners Staff

Hi greners, what is the actual weight for this reflector. Regards. -Jesus Antonio

The actual weight of the Blockbuster 6" is 19.5 LBS. -Greners Staff

I'd like to know what works better in 4x4 grow tent: the blockbuster 6" reflector or a medium Adjust-a-Wing. Also how is the Adjust-a-Wing cooled. -jeffrey

Between the two, in a 4x4 grow tent, I would strongly suggest the blockbuster, as the Adjust-a-Wing reflector is not an air cooled reflector and may cause heat issues in a 4x4 tent. -Greners Staff

If I use a 600 watt bulb in this fixture will I need a socket extension? Perhaps the sunlight supply socket assembly allows for some adjustment? Secondly will a 600 be a nice match with this hood in a 4 x 4 tent? I am currently using an arctic sun 6 with the 600 and it seems like arctic sun 6 might be made for smaller footprint garden. In your experience what have you noticed? Thank you for your time! -the dude

You don't "need" a socket extension, but a mogul-mogul adapter will help center a 600w bulb in this fixture. The Blockbuster is ideal for a 4x4 space and spreads a beautifully even light compared to the Arctic Sun. -Greners Staff

Does the blockbuster 6" reflector that you carry have the bead ring on the air-cooled fittings to hold the ducting firmly in place?? I have seen some models of the blockbuster on the net that didnt have that feature so I dont know if there are two versions or maybe an older 1. I am looking for one with the bead ring. Thanks Greners -Detroit Glass Man

the older version of the block buster, along with the Magnum XXXL Line came without the bead rings, the newest version does. -Greners Staff

Are you able to run a 400 watt lamp within the Blockbuster 6" Reflector? -charlie

A 400 watt lamp in a Blockbuster 6" Reflector will run correctly and efficiently! -Greners Staff

Will the EcoPlus 6" inline Duct Booster fan efficiently cool the Blockbuster 6" Reflector? -Ron

If you are running a 600 watt lamp within the Blockbuster 6" Reflector a duct booster would work great, but with a 1000 watt lamp I would recommend having at least 180+ CFM. The duct boosters just do not quite do the job, if you or on a tight budget go for the EcoPlus Classic Inline Fan - 4" 160 CFM you would be much better off than the duct booster! EcoPlus Classic Inline Fan - 4" 160 CFM -Greners Staff

Is the Blockbuster Reflector 6"/8" the exact same size? -megaman

That is correct! The 6" and 8" Blockbuster Reflector are identical except for the ducting port size. -Greners Staff

Blockbuster 6" Reflector


Product Information

Learn more about air cooled reflectors in the Air Cooled Reflector Buyer's Guide.

  • Top of the line reflector from Sunlight Supply. This is their flagship reflector.
  • Square shape is perfect for square growing areas (i.e. 4'x4').
  • Very uniform, square, intense light pattern.
  • 6" integrated air-cooled fittings.
  • Interior made from 95% reflective European aluminum.
  • Completely sealed with neoprene gaskets and hinged glass.
  • Pre-wired with lamp cord and socket.
  • Lamp cord is 15' long
  • Galvanized steel houseing with Dupont powder coated finish.
  • Includes hanging hooks.
  • The plug going to the ballast is the common style. Follow link for compatibility guide.

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