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Is this equipped with a ballast for at least 150w Metal Halide? -Leighton

Ballast's do not come with the reflector and are sold separate. -Greners Staff

is is possible to get this with a hydrofarm style plug? -chris

This particular reflector only comes with a "common" plug style. However, you can purchase a plug adapter here: If you are ever unsure about a certain ballast/ hood combination, please do not hesitate to refer to our compatibility chart: -Greners Staff

Is this just the reflector? No bulb included? -Rick

This is just the reflector. Ballasts and bulbs are sold separately. -Greners Staff

Sunleaves Sunspot 8" Air Cooled Reflector


Product Information

Learn more about air cooled reflectors in the Air Cooled Reflector Buyer's Guide.

Sunleaves Sunspot 8 Plug N' Play Reflectors offer performance and great compatibility without the cost of other reflectors.

  • Heavy-duty housing, enamel-coated exterior finish
  • Specular 95% reflective German Alanod interior for maximum light exposure
  • Socket mounting bracket designed to maximize airflow through vents
  • Perfectly suited for gardens with carbon dioxide enrichment
  • Feature a hinged lens enclosure that provides a completely airtight seal
  • Pre-wired with a fixed socket that's compatible with the industry-standard Common Outlet and includes 15 feet of cord.
  • Eight-inch flange. Perfect for three or more reflectors in a row.
  • Dimensions: 19 3/4" x 24 1/4" x 10 3/4
  • V hook hangers included
  • Accepts HPS and MH bulbs up to 1000 Watts.

Includes common style plug. View reflector compatibility chart to match with a ballast.

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