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The dimensions you have listed are confusing to me. Measurements are typically described in units of length x width x height. What do you mean by depth? -JD

The depth is the width of the light measured perpendicular to the vent ports. -Greners Staff

Will motorized 6 foot track support the weight of a a Triple XXX Raptor Light Hood 8"? My bar is 18 to 20 inches and the raptor is 24 inches. Thank you, Ken D. -Ken D

yes this product will support the weight -Greners Staff

How even is the light output of the Raptor 8" Air Cooled Reflector? -Lars

Both the Raptor 8" Air Cooled Reflector and the Sun System Magnum XXXL 6" Air Cooled Reflector have had amazing reviews! The lumen output is even throughout a 5x5 area, but as it spreads further you will see a drop off in amount of lumens present. -Greners Staff

Raptor 8" Air Cooled Reflector


Product Information

Warning Terms of Purchase - The Raptors are so big they cannot have any boxing added to them and stay in the size limits of Fedex/UPS. There is a high chance of damage in shipment unless they are sent freight at an additional cost. If you purchase this item you will be called to explain the situation. You may have to assume some of the risk.

The most efficient in its class, this mega reflector was designed with the customers' needs in mind. You wanted bigger, broader, brighter light coverage, Hydrofarm's engineers built it all into their newest addition: the Raptor. The Raptor's broad light spread allows it to be placed closer to your plants for maximum light coverage.

  • Exclusive engineered design by Lighting Sciences
  • Fully gasketed and sealed for most effective heat isolation and cooling
  • Best-in-the-world 95% reflective, four-sided Alanod Hammertone aluminum interior
  • Pre-galvanized multi-point reinforced construction
  • 15' pre-wired lamp cord included
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Ship freight as 6 per pallet
  • Built-in socket
  • Completely sealed lens system
  • Must be shipped via Truck Freight
  • Includes Hydrofarm style plug. View reflector compatibility chart to match with a ballast.


  • Width 39"
  • Depth 30"
  • Height 9.5"
  • Hook to Hook length: 24"
  • Note: These are the confirmed dimensions of the hood from outside corner to outside corner measured at

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