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What are the outside dimensions of each sized lamp? I'm particularly interested to know if the 4-tube will fit in a DR120 tent? And is it 7200 lumens per bulb? Meaning the 4-tube puts out 28800 lumens total? -Sunga Jung

All of the Solar Flare T5 are 47" long and width ranges from 14" to 44". Son all of the Solar can fit in a 4' x 4' grow tent. And yes each lamp is 7200 lumens so 28,800 lumens for the 4ft 4 lamp is correct. -Greners Staff

How much hotter does it run, compaired to the same # of bulbs, to the HO fixtures? Are you able to keep the plants 3 inchs away from the light without burning? What's the temp.s 3" away? Thanks. -Ron

The VHO bulbs are 7200 Lumen - 95 watts each. While the HO lamps offer 5000 Lumens - 54 watts. So an 8 lamp will have 57,600 lumens, that's 17,600 more lumens. Although you are running 328 more watts. T5 lamps give off the same amount of heat as an HID light watt per watt. So a 4ft 12 lamp VHO T5 fixture is just as hot as 1000W HPS or MH light. We suggest giving your plants at least 9 inches of space from the tubes. -Greners Staff

Could you please tell me the dimensions of the 8-Tube? Thank you in advance! -Matt

The 8 tube fixture measures 47" long, 29" wide and 4.5" tall. For your convenience, we have added the dimensions of all Solar Flare T5 fixtures to the product descriptions. -Greners Staff

How much does the Solar Flare 120V VHO (Very High Output) T5 Fixtures 4-Tube weigh with the bulbs included? -HurryCaine

The total weight of the Solar Flare 120V VHO (Very High Output) T5 Fixture 4-Tube with lights included is 37 lbs. -Greners Staff

How are these VHO Fixtures compared to the older HO models? -adam

Since their has been much skepticism as to growing plants to full maturity with fluorescent light fixtures, Solar Flare decided that they would manufacture a product that was capable of penetrating the foliage and allowing for much better growth than the previous HO T5 models by increasing the output drastically! -Greners Staff

Can the Solar Flare 120V VHO (Very High Output) T5 Fixtures be mounted or fixed on the inside walls of my closet? Will the lights function and burn correctly or will the unit overheat? -Dan

These fixtures will function just fine when mounted directly to a wall/roof! -Greners Staff

Can the Solar Flare 120V VHO (Very High Output) T5 Fixture be mounted vertically? -Rich

The Solar Flare 120V VHO (Very High Output) T5 Fixtures can be effectively mounted vertically with no problem! -Greners Staff

Solar Flare 120V VHO (Very High Output) T5 Fixtures


Product Information

  • --------------------------------------------------DISCONTINUED--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 95% reflective European aluminum reflectors.
  • Major brand solid state electronic ballasts.
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Dedicated 120v or 240v input power (must specify when ordering).
  • Heavy duty white steel housing.
  • Louvered and slotted for efficient cooling capability.
  • Comes complete with 2 chrome wire hangers for mounting/hanging.
  • Grounded power cord.
  • Purchase your choice of lamps separately.
  • VHO Lamps offer 7200 lumens - 95 watts each.
  • Daisy chain feature allows multiple fixtures to be plugged together.
  • Do not use HO lamps with VHO fixtures.


  • 8 tube: 47" x 29" x 4.5" (57,600 Lumens)
  • 12 tube: 47" x 44" x 4.5" (86,000 Lumens)


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