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I was wondering if this comes with a set of lights or do i have to buy the lights separate. -Aaron

The lights for these fixtures are purchased separately. The link for the lights is -Greners Staff

I am using the Badboy T5 8 - lamp but don't see an amperage rating on the hood or light fixture. What is the amperage rating? -steve

The eight lamp model will draw about 3.8 amps. -Greners Staff

Hi, how many watts for each lamp? -Bill

Each lamp is 54 watts. -Greners Staff

do you have to use that same brand for lights? -simon

You can use any T5 style lamp with these fixtures. -Greners Staff

Hi, what sized badboy would be needed to cover a 2'x4' area in a vegetative grow, 4,6,8,12 or 16 light? thank you -Bill

A T5 Badboy 4 foot 4 tube fixture would be sufficient with a 2 foot by 4 foot area if you prefer to use the Badboy fixture. That fixture will provide more than enough light for a 2 foot by 4 foot area. -Greners Staff

Just wondering if the 6 bulb T5 would be enough lighting for a 7' H x 8' L x 4' W room? -Jake

Six bulbs is enough light for roughly a 3'x3' area, definitely not sufficient for 8'x4'. If you'd like to light that much space, we recommend going up to at least 12 bulbs, possibly even 16. You could also get two ballasts with less tubes and set them up side-by-side if you'd prefer. As far as hanging height goes, the rule of thumb is the higher wattage you have, the farther away from your plants the system needs to be. If you plan to be hanging your reflector at 7', you'll need very high wattage to compensate. -Greners Staff

28% more light with their bulbs? Or any 54watt T5. Or are they putting out the usual 5000 lumes per bulb. Thanx for the clarification. -domer

Honestly, probably not anymore at all with regards to the ballast and bulb combination. We don't have our light testing setup going right now but for claims like this from other companies that we have tested they never pan out. We have to leave the text in there or people wonder if we are selling the correct product. Yeah there is probably come "competitor" that they are 28% better than. The Badboy fixtures do have the 95% reflective aluminum while most of the other fixtures are 85%. -Greners Staff

I want to put a Quantum Bad Boy 12 Lamp in a 4' x 3' closet and get 5000 lumens per square foot but wonder how much heat they put out? Maybe a little overkill but I like lots of light. -Adam

The amount of heat put off by that fixture will be marginal, I would still suggest doing some sort of exhaust system to keep the air moving. Something small and simple should work fine, I would suggest either an axial fan or an in-line duct booster. I don't think that this amount light will be overkill for the size you are working with, the more light the better. -Greners Staff

It looks like it will fit, but will I have a problem putting a 12-lamp unit in a Sunhut 2x4? Need to verify before ordering... -Robert Fennell

No guarantees but the numbers say that it will fit. We can't actually assemble both those products to test at this time. -Greners Staff

The Quantum T5 BadBoy, 8 bulb Fluorescent light power source. Is it a plug-in light or a fixed light. If you have any specifications on the 6 or 8 bulb please email them to me. Thank You. ____. Architect/Civil Engineer. -Tim

I don't know the different between a plug in and a fixed light. The ballast operates on either 120v or 240v power plugging right into a wall socket. The ballast is a Fulham's Race Horse ballast, the website for that is If you need scientific level specs you will probably want to contact them for those. We don't have them on had so if we did that for you we would just be the middle man. For detailed specs on the bulbs submit an information request here -Greners Staff

which 4' fixture(s) would provide better coverage in a 4x8 tent.......One-16 lamp OR Two-8 lamp. Thanks -kenny g

Definitely two 4x8 lamps unless you were growing on one 3x6 flood table then you could consider the 16 lamp fixture. -Greners Staff

I guess what I mean is what pattern would give better coverage in a 4x8 4' by 4' 16 lamp fixture in the center of the tent OR two 2' by 4' 8 lamp fixtures hung end to end. Thanks -kenny g

The two fixtures hung on either side, that way the farthest plant from a light is 2' vs 4'. -Greners Staff

What is the light coverage on 4'x 4-tube and the 4'x 6-tube? I want to put one in a 2'x4' Sunhut tent and the tent is more like a 3'x 5'. What would you recommend? It would be for veg only so, I will be using the 6500k tubes. Thanks -Sam

We recommend the 4' 4 tube for 2x4 growing area, and add two tubs per foot, for example a 4' 6 tube for a 4x3 and 4' 8 tube for 4x4. -Greners Staff

do the badboy fixtures come w/lamps? -scott

They do not come with lamps -Greners Staff

How many lumen would a 16 tube set put out?? -MacMan

The lumen produced by this fixture depends on the tubes used. Using the Quantum Bad Boy T5 Bulbs which are made specifically to take advantage of the RaceHorse ballasts in Quantum Bad Boy T5 Fixtures, you can expect to get 93.5 lumen per watt using 2900 K lamps (Bloom) and 88 Lumen per watt for 6500 K lamps (Grow). For a 16 bulb fixture rated at 864 watts, this would result in 80,784 lumens using bloom tubes and 76,032 lumen with grow tubes. -Greners Staff

I have a Bad Boy 6 tube light with two bulbs out. The tubes check out good. Do you sell replacement ballasts for this light? They should last longer than 4 weeks right? -Bruce

Replacement ballast are available through the manufacture. Its a common problem to have these ballast fail, but they are easily replaced. give us a call at 877-Greners and we would happy to get your unit up and running again. -Greners Staff

Which light would you recommend to cover a 4' x 5' grow bed? you recommend mixing the red and blue tubes in the same fixture? -creighton

I would suggest the 16 tube model which will give you maximum coverage. As for mixing of bulbs, custom spectrums are quite popular, though you will want a majority of grow spectrum lights during vegetative growth, and more bloom tubes during flowering and fruitset. -Greners Staff

Can the bad boy tubes be used in a different brand of light (pioneer V111)? Why is it common for the ballast to go out on the bad boy light fixture?? -Don

the Bad boy tubes are specifically designed to be used with the badboy quantum t5, however you can interchange the bulbs on the quantum with a generic t5 bulb but the results will be different, hence you could use a bad boy bulb on a different hood, however I have no tested this nor can I give you the correct specs on what would happen with your output of heat or lumens etc -Greners Staff

how many amp will draw a 4 lamp 240 volts -guillermo garcia

roughly 1.9 amps -Greners Staff

I note that the unit will operate 120/240v. Will this also work 50/60Hz? -Richard Thomas

Yes this product will also work on 50/60Hz -Greners Staff

Since the reflector has to be put together, is it possible to wire the ballasts externally away from the reflector? This would be great if it is doable, as it would help to remove some of the heat generated. Also, will the 8Bulb model fit in a Secret Jardin DR120W (The 2'x4' model). -J

Hey J, it would be a tight fit but it would fit, every ballast for that fixture I believe has to go on the fixture itself you will possibly void the warranty if you were to wire the ballast externally, also on a side note, these fixture don't put out an abundance of heat, they are relatively low heat generating products. -Greners Staff

What is the best way to flower with the Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures - 4 Foot - 4,6,8,12,16-Tube? -king reid

The best way to start flowering with the Quantum T5 BadBoy would be to cut back light to only 12 hours a day while also equipping your fixture with Quantum BadBoy T5 Tubes 4' - Bloom for the best outcome! -Greners Staff

Would the Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures - 4 Foot -6-Tube work well in the Secret Jardin DR120? -Jethro

The dimensions of the Quantum BadBoy Fixture are 46.25" x 18" x 3.5" while the DR120 has dimensions 47.25" x 47.25" x 78.75" so yes it will fit perfectly! -Greners Staff

Could I fit the Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures - 4 Foot - 8-Tube within a 48" x 24" grow tent? -cody

Yes, it would be a perfect fit! The dimensions of the Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixture - 4 Foot - 8-Tube are 46.25" x 24" x 3.5". -Greners Staff

Will the Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures - 4 Foot -16-Tube fit within a Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR120 II Grow Tent with exhaust fan and filter? -Ted

Yes, the Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures - 4 Foot -16-Tube with outer dimensions of 46.5" x 46" x 3.5" will fit perfectly within the Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR120 II Grow Tent which has dimensions of 47" x 47" x 79". -Greners Staff

How close can I put the lights to the plant canopy of my 4x4 Hydroponic tray? -Barry

Place your Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixture approximately .5 to 1 foot away from the top of your your canopy The closer the fixture, the more the lumen uptake. Just make sure none of your plants are touching the bulbs or fixture! -Greners Staff

What size Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures would be best for a 3' X 3' closet space? What type of ventilation would be needed? -steve

None of the Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures - 4 Foot - 4,6,8,12,16-Tube will be capable of fitting in a 3' x 3' space as they are all 4' long. I would recommend 1x Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 2 Foot -8-Tube and a Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 2 Foot -4-Tube for the most optimal coverage! With this setup I would recommend at least a 6" Duct Booster. -Greners Staff

Which Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixture would completely cover my DR120 II? -Beebop

I would personally use the Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures - 4 Foot -16-Tube for complete coverage of your 4' x 4' grow tent. -Greners Staff

I am interested in the Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures - 4 Foot long -6 tube. Does this product come with tubes? -zuilfqar

The Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures - 4 Foot - 4,6,8,12,16-Tube does not come with tubes but the Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot - 2,4,6,8-Tube in fact does! -Greners Staff

Do the Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures come with warranty? -Michael

The Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures comes complete with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty! -Greners Staff

How many amps does the Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures -16-Tube pull? -donnie

The Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures -16-Tube pulls a maximum of 9.0 amps! -Greners Staff

In a 6' x 6' grow space would you recommend going with a Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixture or a 600 watt air-cooled reflector setup? -matt

For a 6' x 6' grow space I would 100% go with a 600 watt air-cooled setup rather than anything else! -Greners Staff

How many lumens does your bloom bulb produce? -mike

93.5 Lumen / per Watt for 2900 Kelvin/ 5,049 lumens per lamp 88 Lumen / per Watt 6500 Kelvin / 4,752 lumens per lamp -Greners Staff

10W x 20L x 7.9H Gorilla grow tent. What would best set up for this? -Will

To have optimal light spread in that size of tent we suggest eight fixtures, one for every 4" x 4" area, 4ft 8 lamps would spread plenty of light evenly. If you want to use less fixtures you can use 4 4ft 16 lamp fixtures but you'll less even light spread. -Greners Staff

Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures - 4 Foot - 4,6,8,12,16-Tube


Product Information



Fixtures do not include bulbs.

SIZE, OUTPUT and PERFORMANCE have finally met birthing the Quantum T5 BadBoy! The T5 BadBoy produces color and light much closer to that of regular daylight than the leading competitors resulting in tighter internodal spacing, thicker stem-walls heartier foliage, and natural increases in extracts. All of these come together to create a much healthier plant while enhancing the natural characteristics of each specific plant.

 How do we do it?

The Quantum Tri-phosphor bulbs are designed for optimum performance with the Fulham Race Horse ballast. These are tuned for max output with the Bad Boy. The BadBoy coupled with Fulham's latest and greatest Race Horse ballasts put out 28% more light than the competitions fixtures with the Work Horse 7 with NO additional power consumption!.

  • High Output optimized fixture for MAX bang for your buck!
  • Unique folding structure for easy transportation
  • Vented Ballasts and reflectors keep you gardens cool!
  • Unique lamp spacing and provides more uniform light
  • Glass coated aluminum reflectors provide deeper penetrating light!
  • Multi-volt operation, 120v/240v right out of the box!

4 Lamp
9.8 lbs
Assembled: 49.2 x 14.7 x 6.1
In Box: 46.25 x 12. x 3.5

6 Lamp
12 lbs
Assembled: 49.2 x 18 x 6.1
In Box: 46.25 x 10.4 x 3.5

8 Lamp
14.5 lbs
Assembled: 49.2 x 24 x 6.1
In Box: 46.25 x 10.4 x 3.5

12 Lamp
20.1 lbs
Assembled: 49.2 x 35.25 x 6.1
In Box: 46.5 x 13.1 x 3.5

16 Lamp
25 lbs
Assembled: 49.2 x 46 x 6.1
In Box: 46.5 x 13.1 x 3.5


16 Lamp is currently on back order untill the end of December.

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