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Fluorescent Grow Lights: T5s, CFLs

T5 Fixtures: 2' & 4' length, with 2 to 16 Tubes
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Fluorescent Replacement Tubes
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CFL Grow Light Systems
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T5=5/8",  T8=8/8",  T12=12/8"

T5 bulbs will not fit into the same hoods/ballasts as T8 and T12 bulbs. T8 and T12 bulbs are interchangeable with each other.

These are higher wattage versions of T5 bulbs.

Fluorescent Tubes
Available in three diameters: T5, T8, and T12. Fluorescent tubes are typically used for seed starting, micro growth, and cloning. However this is mainly do to the light distribution of the tubes as fluorescent tubes come in complete light spectrum variations and are capable of powering the entire growth cycle. A hood with six fluorescent tubes covers an area approximately equal to its size. For plants that increase in width as they grow, they will soon require more lighting coverage than those fluorescents are providing. However for plants that do not increase in width, like Wheatgrass, fluorescent lighting is ideal. That said fluorescent tubes are an ideal micro growth light source because of their low heat output and efficiency relative to Metal Halide (MH) bulbs.

Green Fluorescents
Green fluorescent tubes were designed to allow you to work in a garden room during its night cycle. The green light emitted from these tubes allows you to see clearly but does not interfere with any of a plant's chemistry.

High Output T5
20% more light intensity then comparable fluorescent grow lights. No frequency filtering. No noise. Rapid start. They simply consume more electricity than their non-high output counterparts.

Compact Fluorescents
For seedlings, cuttings, mother plants, orchids, single house plants. Good for plant varieties that don't require high intensity lighting, or as supplemental lighting.