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How many amps does the Phantom 1000 Watt draw? -Steve

The Phantom 1000 Watt draws 4.167 amps on a 240 volt, and 8.334 amps on 120 volt. -Greners Staff

I'm looking to order a Phantom 1000w ballast tomorrow saturday from you guys, but I'm not sure what bulb to go with. It's so hard to find good info and tests on these new Digi lights... the Sun Pulse 3k, Lumateks 1000w hps, and Digilux 1000w hps -Vince

With a Phantom 1000 watt ballast we would recommend using a Hortilux Super HPS EN Lamp, the Digilux 1000w HPS, or the Ushio HiLUX GRO Super HPS. All of these lights have been known to work very well with digital ballasts. -Greners Staff

Does the Phantom have a switch to allow you to use it in either a 110 or 220 outlet. Or do you have to chose one or the other when you buy it? -John

The Phantom has a built in sensor that tells it what the input voltage is. It is completely plug and play. It knows so you don't have to, use either 240v or 120v power cords. -Greners Staff

Phantom II 1000W Digital Ballast HPS/MH 120V/240V Dimmable


Product Information

Hydrofarm's Phantom Digital Ballast arrives on the market as the most rigorously tested ballast in the industry. The Phantom features silent operation, lightweight design, multiple placement options and the maximum lumen output around. We listened to your needs and learned. Now you can reap the benefit with this durable, premium digital ballast.



The Phantom II is TOTALLY silent, energy efficient, reliable, and lightweight.

Smart Alert Technology utilizes a 32MHz fully integrated microprocessor to keep your setup running smoothly

  • Phantom II features

    • Smart Alert Technology
    • High-precision microprocessor control
    • High efficiency
    • Ignition voltage control
    • Four way dimming feature 60%, 75%, 100% and Super
    • Intelligent lamp ignition and power control 
    • LED indicators
    • Intelligent lamp detection
    • End of life lamp protection and indication
    • Current sense intelligent startup
    • Precision thermal controls

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