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Ballasts by Brand - Digital & Magnetic Ballasts

Ballasts 101 - Ballasts are required to power the high intensity grow lights used in gardening. Ballasts include a 120V (standard) power cord that plugs into any home wall socket. You also need a reflector to mount the grow light in. The plug for the ballast-to-reflector connection must be compatible as there are two types. View the ballast-reflector compatibility chart. The wattage rating of the ballast (1000W, 600W, etc) must match the wattage rating of the grow light. The warranty is the most important feature of a ballast - sells ballasts from established companies.
1. Top Brand Digital Ballasts

Lumatek Lumatek Ballasts
The number one selling ballast.
Three + two year warranty
No fans - silent - fully sealed
Lumatek Video Youtube

GalaxyGalaxy Ballasts
Five year warranty
Galaxy Video

QuantumQuantum Horticulture
Three year warranty
Includes 120v and 240v power cords
Quantum Video

NextgenNextgen Digital Ballasts
The smallest and lightest ballast.
Three + two year warranty
Nextgen Video
Phantom BallastPhantom Ballasts
Hot restrike programming
No fans - silent - fully sealed
Five year warranty
Phantom BallastBaddass
Five year warranty
They sound amazing from the Advanced Nutrient claims

Phantom BallastSolis-Tek

Staggered start pattern

LCD display, remote controlled timer

Phantom BallastUltra Gro
Right now these are only available in our grow light packages
Five year warranty
Phantom BallastHortilux
Comes with Hortilux bulb
Designed to get the most out of the Hortilux line
2. Top Brand Magnetic Ballasts
Harvest ProHarvest Pro XtrasunXtrasun
3. LED Grow Lights
Stealth Grow
Stealth Grow
Haight Solid State
Haight Solid State
Sunshine SystemsSunshine Systems View all LED grow lights.  

Digital / Electronic Ballasts
Digital ballasts (unless they state otherwise) power both MH and HPS bulbs.
Produce less heat and convert more available energy to usable light.
Near silent operation.
Lumen output loss over time, with the correct lamp, is less than with magnetic ballasts.
Weigh less and are smaller then similar rated magnetic ballasts.
Steady output. Incoming voltage changes do not change outgoing brightness of powered bulbs.
More expensive than magnetic ballasts.

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Ballasts
Power HPS bulbs.
If you are not going to switch bulbs choose a HPS setup.
HPS bulbs are best for fruiting and flowering stage and for supplementing natural light (outdoor greenhouses). More of the yellow/orange/red spectrum.
HPS vs MH Ballasts. HPS ballast have an igniter and MH ballasts do not. That is the only difference. An igniter is an electrical component that ignites the sodium in the HPS bulb.
Low cost compared to digital ballasts.

Metal Halide (MH) Ballasts
Powers MH bulbs.
MH bulbs produce more of the blue/white spectrum.
Low cost compared to digital ballasts.

Magnetic: HPS / MH Elect (Switchable) Ballasts
Powers MH and HPS bulbs (one type at a time).
Convertible ballasts are magnetic ballasts with a switch that lets you change between running HPS and MH bulbs.
Allows you to use MH bulbs to grow your plants and HPS to fruit/flower them.
Convertible ballasts are cheaper than digital ballasts. All digital ballasts also power both MH and HPS bulbs.

LED Systems
Most energy efficient lighting.
Very little heat emitted.
Suitable for all stages of growth.
Environmentally friendly.
50,000+ hour lifecycle.
Higher cost.

Generator Run Ballasts
Any magnetic ballast will run on a generator.
Every ballast will run on a generator except some generators won't power some electric ballasts. The lower quality the generator is the better odds it will create problems.
Lumatek ballasts are generator ready.
Complete Ballast Packages
View all grow light packages.

High Performance Grower 1000W Package

Quality King 600W Package
Ballast Sizes

1000W Dimmable & Multi-watt
600W Dimmable & Multi-watt
400W Dimmable & Multi-watt
1000W 240V
Dual 600W



Global Greenhouse Lighting
1000W Intelivolt
600W Intelivolt
400W Intelivolt
1000W 240V
600W 240V

Harvest Pro
1000W HPS
600W HPS
400W HPS
1000W MH
400 W MH

1000W HPS
600W HPS
400W HPS