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BaddAss Blades - Figure 8 Oscillating Fan fan view
  • BaddAss Blades - Figure 8 Oscillating Fan fan view
  • BaddAss Blades - Figure 8 Oscillating Fan in package

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Does the Baddass Blades fan plug in or does it have to be hardwired? -Russell

The Baddass Blades fan comes with a standard 120v power cord. -Greners Staff

How many amps does the BaddAss Blades - Figure 8 Oscillating Fan pull? -landon

On high power this fan pulls right below 0.8 amps and diminishes by approximately .2 amps on each setting below that. -Greners Staff

BaddAss Blades - Figure 8 Oscillating Fan


Product Information

You may think you’re getting all you can out of your wall fan system, but… If you aren’t using this, you haven’t seen the power of a premium wall fan system, offering superior control, unparalleled performance and above the industry standards. 

If you're looking for a new cooling fan for your grow room... one made to meet the stressful demands of growers of high-value plants like us... then here's why you should pay close attention to the new 16" Figure-8 Programmable Oscillating Wall Fan from Advanced Nutrients:


Because your BaddAss Blades™ fan uses a unique figure-8 blow pattern and blade design, you get previously impossible CFMs of air coverage. No other Grow Room fan has been able to produce such complete and thorough performance and coverage.


What does it mean to have complete and total control of your grow room air? So far as the circulation of your grow room air is concerned, it means having a BaddAss Blades™ fan that will carefully carry out your precise commands. Your BaddAss Blades™ fan has a fully custom programmable controller that's been painstakingly engineered to do what you want when you want.


You'll get above industry standard of reliability because your BaddAss Blades™ fan utilizes only the highest quality metal gear construction, giving you unheard of reliability in a fan market saturated with sub-par plastic gears. It's why we're able to offer our bullet-proof 3-year, Two-Track Guarantee.

  •     * Figure-8 oscillating pattern cools a larger area than standard fans!
  •     * Quiet and smooth operation!
  •     * Only Fan with programmable built in timer!
  •     * Easy-to-use keypad and remote control!
  •     * Certified for US and Canada. 

As always, with Advanced Nutrients, you can put this equipment to an "in home trial" in your own grow room before you make your decision... Because this unit comes with a six month money-back guarantee, simply go to your local hydroponics shop today... start using the fan for the next six months... convince yourself it is the cooling fan you're looking for... and be absolutely convinced before you make a commitment. Either you love it or you get all your money back... it's that simple... so you should strongly consider picking one up and using it today.

BADDASS BLADES™ Easy To Use Controls, Programmable Timer and Figure 8 Cooling Pattern Make It Easy To Cool Any Environment!


Currently entering 2nd Generation of these fans, currently unavailable

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  • BaddAss Blades - Figure 8 Oscillating Fan fan view
  • BaddAss Blades - Figure 8 Oscillating Fan in package